GIMI Futuristic Network

The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) has created a network of futuristic organizations that represent the best in cutting-edge research and knowledge in critical areas such as the metaverse, aging, healthtech, cleantech, and renewables.   As an innovation hub, GIMI’s goal is accelerate cooperation among these centers as they focus on trends shaping the future. Given the depth and breadth of each center’s expertise, GIMI and its partners hope solve the planet’s biggest problems using shared innovation frameworks, methodologies and tools. 

GIMI welcomes like-minded, best in class organizations to join in this endeavor.


Centralize the latest know-how around transformational trends such as green energy, metaverse, longevity, biotech etc. in one hub

Use GIMI frameworks, methodologies and tools and other open innovation programs to accelerate the innovation results from the research and insights of the centers it represents 

Collaborate with other centers of excellence/organizations to solve bigger and complex problems in an integrative way

Our network partners

With 20+ years driving video-first innovations, Netstairs has a proven track record that makes it a leading player in the space

Dii Desert Energy is an international industry network specialized in abundant green energy sources aiming at globally emission free energy supply