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DateProgramLocationDurationDelivered byRegistration
April 3-4GIMI Level 1 TrainingPorto Alegre, Brasil2 DaysIXL BrazilRegister here
December 1-3GIMI Level 1 TrainingEbene CyberCity, Mauritius3 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
December 2-4GIMI Level 1 TrainingKuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
December 4-5GIMI Level 2 ProjectEbene CyberCity, Mauritius2 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
November 12-13Innovation Professional TrainingBoston, USA2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
November 14-15INNOVA LATAM
Innovation Summit
Cartagena, Colombia2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
November 17-19Management Consulting Level 1Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
November 21-23GIMI Level 1 TrainingVerona, Italy3 DaysIXL
November 25-26GIMI Level 1 TrainingBogota, Colombia3 DaysIXL ColombiaRegistration
November 29-30GIMI Level 1 TrainingPorto Alegre, Brazil3 DaysIXL BrazilRegistration

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Earn a globally recognized innovation certificate. GIMI credentials distinguish you in the job market and can help you move ahead. Each level of innovation certification validate a range of knowledge and experience levels in innovation and innovation management. Find out more or get started now to apply.

GIM Institute works with different associations, universities and corporations around the world to provide a suite of innovation action learning and capability building programs. Individuals can also participate in the open-enrollment programs. Find out more about our innovation training programs.


Join GIM Institute and get involved in our community. Business innovation is a dynamic and exciting professional field and you’ll want to stay up to date and be connected to the right network. Find out more on how to volunteer, or become a board member, or a GIMI certified partner.