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Why Become a Certified Innovation Associate?

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing economic environment innovation is no longer a choice but a business imperative. Innovation requires a set of skills, mindset, and ecosystems.

This Innovation Associate (Level 1) is designed to build awareness, excitement and recognition for the importance of business innovation, and provide you a proven process to generate new and exciting growth opportunities inside your organization. By democratizing this process, every individual in an organization can now come up with meaningful and actionable innovation breakthroughs to drive their business into the future.

This certification is for individuals looking to understand what business innovation is and what processes and tools are needed to generate new breakthrough ideas for their organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a clear understand of business innovation and the key components needed to generate innovation breakthroughs
  • Practice and simulate the process to create new breakthrough business ideas for your organization
  • Apply tools and techniques to creatively solve problems and take calculated risks
  • Learn behaviors and skills to become a valuable team member and key contributor in innovation projects

Certification Modules

Become a Certified Innovation Professional
1. Demystifying Innovation
  • Learn what business innovation is

  • Understand basic tools and techniques for practitioners to innovate

  • Get the right mindset to achieve success

2. Innovation Intent
  • Agree on where and where not to innovate

  • Define growth targets and strategic thrusts for breakthrough innovations

  • Understand the investment profile

3. Opportunity Insights
  • Determine the trends that could impact your business

  • Identify insights and idea fragments around the company, competitors, your partners, and the future

  • Organize and structure your work in a Business Opportunity Map

4. Fields of Play
  • Identify new areas for the organization to play in

  • Prioritize one of these Fields-of-Play

  • Develop your prioritized Field of Play to make it more understandable to others

5. Business Concepts
  • Identify new idea fragments around your Field of Play

  • Generate several new business concepts and sequence them

  • Conduct some initial due diligence to validate the prioritized concept

6. Business Case 
  • Understand what conditions need to be tested first to be successful

  • Summarize your business concept in a compelling, visually stimulating, and insightful way

  • Meet your organization’s internal conditions for new business development

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Level 1 | Associate

Gain the knowledge and understand the tools and methodology

Become a Certified Innovation Professional

4 weeks with 7 x 3-hour eWorkshops guided by an innovation expert + 2-hour final exam.

eCOURSE: Learn the tools and process from an innovation expert and a guest speaker complemented with reading materials.

SIMULATION PROJECT: Put the knowledge into practice through a simulation project, and learn from other professionals.

EXAM: At the end of the lessons, assess your understanding of the methodology through a 2h online exam.

Level 2 | Professional

Master the process and tools by applying them to a real challenge

Become a Certified Innovation Professional

4 weeks to apply learnings to a real challenge of your interest, with 4 x 3h weekly check-ins

REAL PROJECT: Choose a real-world challenge from your organization or topic of interest and apply the tools and process to solve it, with weekly check-ins for feedback.

CASE STUDY: Build a case study by documenting your process and learnings.

EVALUATION: Submit the case study for evaluation and get feedback from experts.

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Become a Certified Innovation Professional

Why GIMInstitute?

GIMI is a global nonprofit professional organization driving standards for innovation management that leverage a range of core frameworks and competencies. We teach the next generation of innovators how to successfully discover innovation breakthroughs, accelerate results and build a new set of professional skills. Our mission is to help individuals, companies and regions develop world-class innovation and innovation management capabilities. 

As part of the GIMI Certification Network you will be able to: 
  • Advance your career and stand out 

  • Increase your value to your organization 

  • Access GIMI’s global innovation ecosystem and best practices

  • Network and share experiences with other innovation professionals 

More than 10,000 professionals have been certified in GIMI’s programs, representing 1,500 companies from Fortune 500.

Become a Certified Innovation Professional

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