Innovation Management

Organization Certification Levels 1 to 4

Innovation Management Systems

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Organization Level certifications indicate the level of innovation maturity for a business unit or organization. Innovation maturity is a function of:

1) current innovation performance

2) future potential and strength of current innovation pipeline

3) activated capacity or number of people who are trained in innovation and deployed against innovation initiatives

Who should apply?

Organizations or business units that already have taken at least the initial steps in creating an innovation system and have trained teams in innovation management.


In order to be eligible for Organization Level Innovation Management Systems certification at any level, the applicant must undergo a detailed audit, which can be performed by one of GIM Institute’s Certified Training Partners. Applicants will be assessed based on their existing capabilities in relation to their company size, the number of employees, and industry benchmarks.

Documentation Requirements

A review panel will be assigned to your organization. This review panel will interview the organization’s project leader to arrange for relevant information, and to assist in the deployment of several audit surveys within your organization and your value chain. For more details on the process, please contact us

Certification Fee/Pricing

Company Level Certifications start at $6,000 per applying entity or business unit.

Prices vary by size and complexity of the organization. For a free consultation, please contact us

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