Innovation Practitioner Audit

Our Innovation Practitioner Audit tool is designed to help individuals like you assess your readiness, current capability and skills, and innovative thinking to be an effective and high impact contributor to your organization’s innovation initiatives. Our Innovation Practitioner Audit focuses on five broad problem solving process required to be an effective innovation professional:

  • Setup – think and act differently, business landscape, target and objectives
  • Diverge – on my own, with a team, with external networks
  • Connect – make a concept, anchor platforms, strengthen concepts
  • Converge – build business case, make choices, build alignment
  • Emerge – build action plan, change direction, rapid adoption and scale-up

Through this audit, we can help you:

  • Assess your current state around innovation, and in creating and implementing new ideas
  • Clearly define what your future state should be to be an successful innovation practitioner
  • Identify immediate opportunities to improve your personal competencies around innovation and achieve your future state

Want to access your organization’s innovation state? Use our Innovation Organization Audit.