Innovation Workshops

The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute) is the world’s largest professional organization devoted to innovation management. In alignment with our commitment to provide you with the most comprehensive innovation resources and networking opportunities, GIM Institute offers innovation workshops and courses to help you:

  • Improve your skill set and competencies by readily applying innovation knowledge and skills in innovation projects and initiatives within your organization
  • Increase your value to your organization by utilizing innovation tools, methodology and best practices to deliver successful and high impact results
  • Network and exchange ideas, experiences and insights with other innovation professionals
  • Enhance your career prospects and professional growth through our in-person and online training opportunities.

Sustainable and high performance innovation capability is best built through action and experiential learning. We can help innovation professionals start using the skills learned through our certification programs immediately and demonstrate valuable results. Building innovation capability inside the organization can be difficult, but with our action learning approach, you can quickly utilize the skills needed to start seeing business impact sooner.

These innovation workshops and programs, held in-person or virtually, are developed using the highest quality standards. A team of qualified industry executives, academics and consultants review course content to ensure its accuracy and real-life application. Our dedication to excellence will provide you with timely information and innovation solutions for the business challenges you face. There are programs for newcomers to the profession and veteran innovation professionals alike. Your attendance and participation at a GIMI innovation education program is undoubtedly the most effective way to help your organization stay competitive in today’s fast changing environment. To gain a competitive advantage for you and your organization, register today.



This innovation workshop will prepare you for the Associate (Level 1) innovation certification exam. Moreover, this workshop allows you to practice and use the tools and methodology which will also be helpful when you proceed to the Master (Level 2) innovation certification.

This innovation workshop is divided into three major sections covering the conceptual and practical elements on how to generate breakthrough innovations:

  • Demystifying Innovation: Learn the definition of innovation, understand why innovation is important, and recognize what constitutes an innovation breakthrough.
  • Innovation Techniques: Review great innovation breakthroughs and practice building your own through creative combinations of compelling trends, basic human needs, and simple and proven business models for creating new value across the innovation value chain.
  • Innovation Breakthrough Process: Learn the methodology and how global companies have applied it to generate more and better ideas.



This innovation workshop will prepare you for the Manager (Level 3) innovation certification exam. Moreover, this workshop gives you an opportunity to practice and use the tools and systems to effectively manage innovation processes inside your organization through discussions of case studies, group work, and role-play. This workshop will also be helpful when you proceed to the Leader (Level 4) innovation certification.

The innovation workshop covers the three core competencies of innovation management:

  • Innovation Strategy: Develop strategic innovation imperatives and targets, balanced and robust innovation portfolios, and a high-value innovation pipeline.
  • Innovation Capacity: Build an innovation process from concept to customer, innovation teams and networks across the value chain, and innovation assets and resources.
  • Innovation Discipline: Create a supportive and effective innovation organization through behavior and culture, metrics and monitoring, and rewards and recognition.