Global Learning: Innovating with Diverse Teams to Create New Knowledge

Stephanie Doscher Ed.D. | Game Changers Podcasts by GIM Institute

“Global learning is a process that involves diverse people collaboratively analyzing and addressing complex problems that transcend borders. This results in the production of new knowledge about the world and the way it works.”

Stephanie Doscher is Director of Florida International University’s Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative. FIU provides multiple global learning experiences to every one of its 38,000+ undergraduates, preparing them for leadership in the world’s diverse, interconnected local and global communities. Dr. Doscher has shared her experiences and insights in a recent book, Making Global Learning Universal. This book provides frameworks that can help educators at other institutions to adapt the great vision of global learning to the realities – the strengths, weaknesses and resource constraints – of their particular college or university.


4:35     Making Global Learning Universal – How the book got started.
6:30     We need to educate leaders who are equipped to deal with global challenges
12:00   FIU’s Global Learning program started to attract interest from universities across the US after 2010
13:35   The seeds of the Global Learning program were sown at FIU in 1972
17:40   In 2008, teachers and students at FIU wanted to reinvigorate the “I” in FIU
21:00   The “big bang” at FIU: students demand truly taking advantage of the diverse experiences of their fellow students in their educational experience
25:00   The definition of global learning
28:45   The essence of true collaboration lies in complete interdependence
29:45   Superadditivity; or, 1+1 = 3 (the equation for new knowledge about the world)
31:15   Complex problems are the proper target for the global learning process
33:30   What is available to students who want to maximize the Global Learning opportunities at FIU?
34:40   Look over the e-portfolios of Global Learning Medallion Graduates.
35:40   FIU’s students are making change while they are in school (and not waiting until graduation)

Stephanie Doscher Ed.D. was interviewed by Mark Rennella (

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