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CBG partners with GIMI to hold government services hackathon

CBG partners with GIMI to hold government services hackathon

Doha: The Civil Services and Government Development Bureau of Qatar (CGB) announced today a partnership with the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) to hold Qatar’s first government services hackathon, at the Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council, from March 19-21, exclusively targeting government sector employees, with the aim of developing innovative upgrades and solutions for government services.

CGB President Abdulaziz bin Nasser bin Mubarak Al Khalifa said that organizing this first Hackathon with the objective of developing government services, comes within the framework of Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation Strategy 2030 (QRDI 2030), adding that this hackathon is an outstanding step towards upgrading governmental services and encouraging innovation upon the public sector and its employees.

For his part, GIMI Managing Director Dr. Hitendra Patel expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration by remarking that visionary leaders and governments are the first to imagine a better future and create it, with the government of Qatar being a case in point, as it does not wait for the future to come to it, instead it leads proactively to better its services for the well-being of its citizens, residents and guests through innovation.

In this context, CGB and GIMI organized two preparatory workshops for 60 participants, on innovation in governmental services, targeting five government bodies, with the aim of enabling employees to be part of the service development process, training them on using various techniques and programs to set and track government services’ workings, identify challenges, and produce best solutions.

This cooperation is part of CGB’s efforts to upgrade and update organizational and administrative work, as well as train public sector staff, whilst constantly reviewing governmental strategies, programs, initiatives, and services, and benefitting from global expertise and partnerships.

SIDF is the first organization in Saudi Arabia to receive an Innovative Organisation Level 1 certificate from GIMI

SIDF is the first organization in Saudi Arabia to receive an Innovative Organisation Level 1 certificate from GIMI

It is with great pleasure that the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) announces that it is the first organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to receive the prestigious award “Innovative Organisation Level 1” by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). The Boston based Institute, known as the international gold standard for Innovation Management, has certified over 15,000 individuals worldwide and over 1200 organizations.


GIMI is the leading global standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. “We have seen that individual competency in innovation does not translate to organizational innovation capability”, said Dr. Hitendra Patel, Executive Director of the GIMI. Therefore, the certifying body developed the innovation standards for organizations. “Using this framework, we created a four-level organizational certification program which is also a roadmap to get started on the journey of becoming an innovation leader”.  


“Congratulations to the Saudi Industrial Development Fund for becoming the first company in the region to achieve Innovation Level 1 certification by GIMI. You are a pioneer in the region and you have set the standard for others to follow. Rely on GIMI support to continue your innovation journey” Mr. Patel said on behalf of the GIMI Institute.


The Saudi Industrial Development Fund has been encouraging innovation since its inception in 1974. During the past few years, efforts have been targeted to institutionalize innovation within SIDF and make it part of the SIDF DNA. SIDF continuously strives to provide better products, services, and experiences to customers, and this is where innovation plays a vital role.

Sia Partners – the official representative of GIMI in the GCC – also expressed its support to SIDF “We congratulate SIDF on becoming the first organization in KSA to achieve this prestigious certification”, said Rafael Lemaitre, partner of the international management consulting firm.

GIMI brought together 24 CTPs to celebrate achievements

GIMI brought together 24 CTPs from around the world to celebrate achievements and discuss how to further democratize innovation

On September 28th, the Global Innovation Management Institute led its quarterly meeting with its certified training partners from more than 24 countries around the world to celebrate achievements and discuss how to further democratize innovation at local, regional, and global levels. The meeting covered the following:

  1. Share the latest news from GIMI
    • Four new members in the CTP network: GIMI officially welcomed Grupo Edutec from Ecuador, SNBX from El Salvador, TDM Internacional from Mexico and Triangle Equity Partners from Australia. These CTPs were represented by Lucia Acurio, Tony Carbonero, David Fernandez and Kent Matla, respectively. 
    • 3 New Intellectual Property developed during the last year
      • GIMI Impact: GIMI’s social innovation program that aims to inspire young people to use innovation to solve social challenges in their communities.
      • Leadership program: After successfully training 1500 leaders in Brazil, IXL and GIMI have standardized a world-class program that uses new learning styles and a proven methodology to drive leaders to become the best version of themselves
      • Innovation Potential Assessment: GIMI created the Innovation Potential Framework to assess individuals and help companies leverage their potential to build high-performing teams and identify their training needs
    • GIMI Futuristic Network: GIMI has launched its Futuristic Network with Netstairs, Dii Desert Energy, and NICA as a powerful force to drive insights from different centers of excellence around the world into actions that build the future
    • Innova Latam 2022 will have its fourth edition in November and will bring +1.000 people to share best practices, tools, and knowledge around corporate innovation in Cartagena, Colombia. Some of our central themes will be, innovative leadership for the future, Innovation DNA, and Innovation ecosystems, among others.
  1. Recognize the efforts of CTPs to increase certified people in their regions

At this point GIMI spotlights the three main CTPs with the largest number of certificates: IXL Boston with 8127, IXL Colombia with 2200 and Sia Partners Arab Emirates with 1900, and the three other partners such as SWRL with 600, Clarus Consulting with 328, and KACE with 230 and mentioned that they had the highest growth in 2022.

CTPs shared how to mitigate challenges in each region coming from lack of awareness around innovation, political instability, shortage of training budgets etc. 

  1.       Exchange best practices and discuss challenges with each other

CTPs shared their best practices and strategies how to win the market of a) Governments, b) Corporates, c) Universities and d) SMEs


GIMI appreciates the presence of all partners and will continue to ensure that together we can democratize innovation in the world, and we will!

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