Sustaining Innovation with “Cross-Talk”

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic | Game Changers Podcasts by GIM Institute | Part 2

In our last podcast, Dr. Nada shared her insights about trends in integrative medicine. This week, we’re focusing on her own business, Sage Tonic, specifically on her strategies for creating long term economic sustainability of her enterprise. We’ll also learn how she uses “cross-talk” to help generate ideas and energy when she needs to innovate. We’re starting off the podcast with some Q&A from listeners about integrative medicine.


1:40    Q&A: How many Americans suffer from anxiety?
2:40    Q&A: Headache, depression and sleep disorder: what are the numbers?
3:30    Q&A: How much is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) growing?
5:00    Q&A: What are some reasons for the growth in CAM?
6:50    What’s your approach to keeping your business successful?
8:40    The possibilities of corporate wellness programs; partnering with portable devices
9:20    Unanticipated applications of CAM
9:45    1) CAM used by a police officer to help recruits with stress
11:20  2) CAM used at a pediatric hospital
14:00  Being open to partnerships … that leads to “cross-talk”
15:30  The best innovation occurs across disciplines
17:30  What keeps you searching for innovation throughout your career?
18:00  Countries that don’t value innovation don’t improve their societies as quickly as they could

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic was interviewed by Mark Rennella (

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