Partner Criteria and Requirements

Whether it comes to training in innovation management or to represent Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute), students, professionals and organizations that employ individuals and/or trainers value the GIMI Certified Partner designation as a sign of quality. To ensure the delivery of a quality service and training experience, we take very seriously the evaluation and approval of candidate Certified Partners.

To qualify as a Certified Partner, your organization must meet the following criteria and requirements. We reevaluate your Certified Partner status every year and perform random audits to ensure quality of the providers within the program.

  1. Has passion and commitment for innovation and innovation management
  2. Show organizational maturity and be a legal organization with good financial standing and an established client base
  3. Has trainers who are GIM Institute’s Levels 1 to 4 certified*
  4. Provide evidence of high quality service delivery and/or content
  5. Show that delivery and/or course content is consistent with GIMI global standards
  6. Use appropriate attributions on GIMI Intellectual Property (IP) and adhere to our usage policy

*Can focus on Levels 1 and 2 certification first to move forward on partnership

Interested to become a GIMI Certified Partner? Complete the GIMI Partner Application Form. We will review your application. We will get back to you as soon as possible using the email address provided, usually within 1-2 business days not counting weekends or U.S. holidays.