Chief Innovation Officer Training


GIMI Certified Chief Innovation Officer (GIMI CCIO) is a business innovation leader, officially recognized by the GIM Institute. GIMI CCIO (1) demonstrates an advanced understanding of business innovation systems and strategy, capacity, and discipline, and (2) has a capability to come up with insights and solutions in managing innovation within organizations.

At the end of this course upon the successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded Chief Innovation Officer certification – GIMI CCIO



The workshop covers the three core competencies of innovation management:

  • Innovation Management: Define Business Innovation, Learn innovation framework, and key tools
  • Innovation Strategy (What, Why, When and Where): Develop strategic innovation imperatives and targets, balanced and robust innovation portfolios, and a high-value innovation pipeline;
  • Innovation Capacity (Process, People and Resources): Build an innovation process from concept to customer, innovation teams and networks across the value chain, and innovation assets and resources; and
  • Innovation Discipline (Leadership, Culture and Metrics): Create a supportive and effective innovation organization through behavior and culture, metrics and monitoring, and rewards and recognition
  • Innovation System: Master innovation audit, monitoring, and results

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