Certified Innovation Professional Online Master Class



CIP Program is a level 1- Associate and  Level 2- Master class designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools to get breakthrough innovations and to apply them in any business challenge. It is for individuals looking to understand what business innovation is and what processes and tools are needed to generate new breakthroughs for their organization.
Next cohort: September 21st, 2021
Innovation Guru, Dr. Hitendra Patel, will guide you through Knowledge and Mastery, and after the program, you will:
• Obtain a deeper understanding of business innovation
• Gain confidence to work in ambiguity and uncertainty
• Learn the process and basic tools for business innovation
• Generate new growth options and execute ideas
• Lead teams through the innovation process to drive results

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12 x 3hour live online masterclasses


Innovation software access for 6 months


Textbook, workbook, and complementary trends books of Healthovate, Connectivate and Robovate, and Innovation Premiums