Management Consulting Certificate – Level 1


Management Consulting Institute (MCI), Level 1 Certification – ANALYST 

Level 1 certification is designed to teach how think, act, research and present like a management consultant, in a structured and compelling way.

It is for an individual looking to learn and develop critical tools and methodologies used by management consultants to succeed in their professional career.


The Analyst certificate (Level 1)  is designed to teach you the tools and techniques that will help you develop structured thinking and communication, as well as other critical skills that every professional and consultant must have in order to be a world-class manager or management consultant.

Who is it for?

This certification is designed for individuals (students and professionals) that are looking to improve their management skills. Level 1 certification is designed to help anyone that faces challenging issues at work, needs to structure problems and find solutions, make decisions, and present effectively to sell an idea. Level 1 certification helps professionals in areas like strategy, marketing, sales, and business development among others. Level 1 is also ideal for consultants that have not received the training that top consulting firms teach internally (McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Bain & Co., @Jaylon Smith Jersey Accenture, etc.).

Content Outline
Six main topics that are covered in Level 1:

  • The Pyramid Principle (basis for structured thinking and communication)
  • Professional and Ethical Behavior (what it takes to be a trusted advisor)
  • Problem Definition (Situation-Complication-Key Question SCQ analysis)
  • Approach (Issues analysis and workplan)
  • Data Gathering and Analysis (primary and secondary research)
  • Findings and Recommendations Presentation (how to create compelling presentations)

The certification fee includes:

  • Analyst (Level 1) Certificate (based on passing score)
  • Analyst (Level 1) Exam Fee (online exam)
  • Management Consulting Body of Knowledge (MCBOK) (electronic copy/PDF)
  • Remote Proctor Fee*

*Management Consulting Institute has partnered with a remote proctor service provider to give flexibility to test takers on when and where to take the exam (as long as they have good internet connection).

Validity of Application

You have six (6) months to take the exam from the date you applied for the certification.