Management Consulting Level 3: Strategy Implementation ONLINE


Online access to the workshop

July 15-16

This two-day workshop is a dynamic and fun way to learn Management Consulting (MCI) Level 3 training tools. You will be exposed to many examples, exercises and will begin applying the theory to a real company. The workshop will prepare you for the MCI Level 3 exam and MCI Level 4 consulting project.

Please click here, for the in-person workshop option.




Level 3 of the MCI training teaches specific business elements, helping to ensure a successful implementation. These elements have been summarized in REALIZE framework that includes seven elements:

  • Robust Strategy: how compelling, actionable and attractive is the strategy?
  • Enablers: what are the enablers and barriers to organizational change?
  • Approach: what is the most effective/efficient plan given both internal and external factors?
  • Leading: how does the leadership/management team “walk the talk” around the strategy?
  • Individuals: what individual/team behavioral and technical competencies should be developed?
  • Zeal: what quick wins must be designed to ensure enthusiasm, passion, and commitment?
  • Ensure: how to drive accountability and responsibility for initiatives and activities?

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